Limpopo Facilities

Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris offers the highest quality facilities for the use and enjoyment of clients.
Our accommodations are typical for the safari industry and consist of:
  • Quality constructed bush chalets with all amenities
  • Our thatch roofs have ceiling fans to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, we also have hot & cold running water
  • Private bath
  • Group dining areas
  • Swimming pool

In the Limpopo Province our safaris for high veld animal species originate out of either our Karoi Main Lodge or Bush Camp. For low veld species we travel to our lodge in The Free State Province. We have grouped this lodge under the Limpopo Province because we typically initially access The Free State from our Karoi Base Camp.

Karoi Base Camp “Main Lodge & Chalets”

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karoi greenery camp

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nightime view

Karoi Upscale Bush Camp “Lodge & Chalets”

bush camp lodge exterior

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bush camp karoi

karoi bedroom bush camp

bush camp karoi bedroom showing dining room

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Freestate Lodge

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Freestate Garden & Souvenir Shop

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Ndzalama Conservation & Hunting Reserve

(Latitude: 23.817 S – Longitude: 30.597 E)
Ndzalama Entrance
Bushmans Quiver is proud to announce that we have just secured the exclusive hunting rights to this well-known property, the Ndzalama Conservation & Hunting Reserve!

One of the traditional and significant land and game management trends in South Africa has been what we call the “Land Cooperative”. Under this arrangement a number of property owners having contiguous parcels to one another will enter into an agreement to combine their properties into a single block and have those combined properties professionally managed by a qualified and licensed game manager. There are a number of these across South Africa; some of the better-known ones are the Inkasi, Klaserie, and Timbavati Nature Preserves outside of Hoedspruit.

There are several advantages to such an arrangement. For example, the cost of property maintenance, as well as the professional management expense, is shared by all the owners instead of being borne singly. The most significant advantage from a hunting perspective is that the significant increase in property size allows for introduction of game species that could not be introduced onto the smaller individual parcels. Thus, these land cooperatives will often qualify to have elephant, lion, rhino, etc. as resident species where normally they would not be allowed.

In addition to the “Land Cooperative”, or perhaps a variant of it, is the same concept applied to a large block of tribal land. These tracts are tribal land holdings of considerable size that have been properly documented and go back in time for centuries.

The Ndzalama (en-za-lah-ma) Conservation & Hunting Reserve is one of these tribal land holdings owned by the Tsonga. Bushmans Quiver is proud to announce that we have just secured the exclusive hunting rights to this well-known tribal land holding. It consists of approximately 30,000 acres in one block and contains all of the Big 5 game species except rhino, plus a wide array of plains game species, and diverse bird and plant species. There is sufficient water on the concession to support hippo and croc as well.

Ndzalama is located not too far from the town of Gravelotte in the Limpopo Province about 20 miles west of Kruger National Park (KNP) thus providing easy access to KNP for safari enthusiasts wishing to combine hunting with tours of KNP. This makes the concession particularly attractive for a family oriented experience. If you’ve not hunted in an environment where you can hear the roar of the lion and the trumpeting of elephant at night then this is an experience not to be missed. And, of course, if plains game is your main focus there is still the excitement of anticipating any of the resident Big 4 at any time during the actual hunting.

Because this is a tribal land holding the management of the land and game resources is looked after by the Department of Nature Conservation as well as National Parks. And, because of the close proximity to KNP, excess animals from KNP are frequently relocated to Ndzalama, which can create some interesting hunting opportunities. All the meat gleaned from the harvested animals is vested in the tribe as part of a community service managed on behalf of the tribe.

Ndzalama Hunting Reserve
Accommodations include six upscale stone and thatch bush chalets sited among huge boulders characteristic of the area, thus providing a very private setting for each chalet. After a long and event filled day in the bush a lovely rock pool provides an inviting setting for enjoying the company of your hunting party while sipping the traditional sundowner.

Accessing Ndzalama requires a 4.5-hour drive from Johannesburg International Airport. Ndzalama does have an airstrip right in the midst of the hunting grounds; so charter flights out of, and back into, Johannesburg are possible. Time in the air is only 90 minutes.

With the addition of Ndzalama Base Camp to our Karoi and Lidikwe Base Camps we now have over 260,000 acres accessible for hunting.

Afton Guest House & Souvenir Shop

Afton Guest House has been the temporary lodging choice of safari enthusiasts for decades and has been featured in many outdoor magazines. Oftentimes, when we are hunting at a location not well served directly from our Karoi Bush Camp we will lodge clients overnight at Afton.

The Afton Guest House is less than 10 minutes from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, so the time between collecting your luggage and firearms to having a savory hot meal and a restful night’s sleep is very short indeed. Afton provides free shuttle service both to and from OR Tambo. For outbound travelers needing last minute gift ideas for those favorite people back home, Afton has a small gift shop displaying a selection of quality souvenir’s sure to satisfy nearly anyone.

afton guest house

afton guest house living room

Afton Guest House bedroom

Afton Guest House Souvenir Shop