Meet Our Team

Founder Stephan, Nakkie, Marne and Anja
Stephan van der Merwe, Founder / Principal / Chief Professional Hunter, Stephan’s wife Nakkie and their girls Marne and Anja

The owner and founder of Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris, Stephan van der Merwe, grew up in the northern Bushveld of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. He has been involved in hunting, fishing and wildlife conservation for more than 25 years and became a professional hunter in 1995. HONESTY and SERVICE are the two key words for Bushmans Quiver’s success. Bushmans Quiver is truly a family business, Stephan’s wife Nakkie and their girls Marne and Anja provide exceptional hospitality and will make you feel right at home.


FC Prinsloo Professional Hunter
F.C. Prinsloo, Partner / Professional Hunter

FC grew up in the African Bush where he learned tracking skills at an early age and hunted a variety of plains game animals on his family ranches and those of his peers. Employment opportunities in the trucking industry in the United States exposed him to hunting publications there which sparked his desire to hunt professionally. FC returned to South Africa and has been hunting professionally here since 2006.

FC has a personal focus on client satisfaction and enjoys working with first-time clients and seeing them realize their safari dreams. His dedication to client satisfaction keeps clients coming back year after year and many of them request him for their PH each time. His sharp wit, provincial witticisms and general good humor will keep you chuckling throughout the day.  However, FC’s sense of humor and love of comedy never stand in the way of his serious commitment to hunting.  In May of 2013 his sharp eyes and skilled assessment of trophy quality enabled our client, Red Merrell, to take the world’s #1 klipspringer (SCI scoring system).


Scott Whatley - USA Pro Staff - Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaaris
Scott Whatley, USA Pro-Staff Team Member: 720.201.8585
Scott was raised in Dallas, Texas. Texas has a great hunting heritage and Scott is a product of that heritage thanks to the influence of his father, Bear Whatley. Bear got Scott started off on the right foot at age 6, and Scott’s enthusiasm, for the hunting, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle comes through strong. His love and respect for nature is part of who he is as a person, thanks to his father’s influence. As a consequence, Scott takes particular satisfaction in sharing his passion for the great outdoors and the safari experience with others.
Scott is the founder and host of Sportsman of Colorado radio program broadcasting each Saturday from 1-2 pm on KLZ 560 AM in Colorado and large portions of Wyoming. Bushmans Quiver is proud to be a partner of Sportsman of Colorado and to have Scott as a member of our pro-staff team. Scott has hunted a wide variety of animals on safari with Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris and willingly shares his personal experiences with others. Scott eagerly assists clients with preparing for their upcoming safari and you can rely on Scott to see that your safari preparations are thorough and complete.


Sampie van Deventer Professional Hunter

Sampie van Deventer, Professional Hunter

Like many of our Professional Hunters, Sampie van Deventer grew up in the bushveld of the Limpopo Province. He was influenced at the age of 5 years by the hunting exploits of his grandfather who took many species of African game while Sampie was learning his bushcraft. The more time Sampie spent in the bush, the more his love of nature grew, further strengthening his desire to hunt professionally.
What Sampie appreciates the most about hunting professionally is the ever-changing face of the hunting environment, the challenges that are presented to the Professional Hunter and the opportunities that those challenges provide to develop new skills and tactics in overcoming those challenges. This philosophy comes through strongly in Sampie’s daily hunting and guiding efforts.
From Sampie’s perspective the most important aspect of the PH-Client dynamic is thorough communication. This belief and his personal dedication to the hunting challenge will produce rewarding results for the clients assigned to him.


Pungi Tracker Skinner Driver
Pungi, Tracker & Skinner

Pungi has been working for Bushmans Quiver since 2008 and takes extra care in making sure that the skinning and trophy preparations are done perfectly.
Sello Tracker Skinner Driver
Sello, Tracker & Skinner

Sello has been working for Bushmans Quiver since 2008 and takes extra care in making sure that the skinning and trophy preparations are done perfectly.
Lino Tracker Skinner Driver
Lino, Tracker, Skinner & Driver
Coffee, Expert Tracking Dog

Coffee is our Hungarian Vizsla. When necessary, we use her for tracking purposes to ensure that no animal is lost. This gives the client peace of mind that the odds of recovering their animal is greatly increased. Coffee has a strong nose and real “bush sense.” She has tremendous energy and is just reaching her prime.